Hey there, I'm Carl, a photographer from Orange County, CA. I'm an outdoors enthusiast and sports lover. I have a wife and daughter that are my world. RIP to my dear old friend Charger above. My interests include adventure, athletics, nutrition, science and people. Learning and discovering is an integral part of my life. I am a scientist by trade. Yes, that means advancing medical technology that deals with biological manipulation is part of my daily enjoyment. It's what I do for a living, yes, I have a day job. I'm an adventurer by nature and I constantly think about football, crossfitting, biking, snowboarding, camping and hiking. I find spontaneous outings are where I'm most intrigued and creative. I'm a shutterbug by observance, if I see it, I'll want to capture it. Follow me on instagram @beyondthelensphotos, twitter @beyondthelens_ and finally like my page on facebook www.facebook.com/btlphotos and my blog "Mind Jumping" by clicking the link on the left and see what I'm up to.