Nor-cal as we say it here in Socal.

Tomorrow I will be headed to the good old bay area. It won't be for pleasure but rather for work. I will be attending a conference where my first authorship of a poster in the medical device industry will be presented. It's quite exciting and a personal accomplishment. (you can see the poster here for a limited time)

A few thoughts are constantly crossing my mind. One, this will be the second time I'll spend more than 5 days aways from my beautiful daughter. Two, how in the world do I get my WOD's in? Lastly, I need my "triple-D" to stay on point with choosing wisely.

I married the best wife/mother on the planet. Everyday I get a beautiful smiling "good morning" picture of my daughter and it always jump starts my day, thanks hunny! Thank goodness for facetime! Technology puts me one app away from seeing my family at almost anytime of the day. So as hard as it my physically be, the world has made it a little easier.

Number two... I've contacted another crossfit box near the hotel I'll be staying at but I've quickly decided against it. They want to charge me a $25 drop-in fee each time I want to workout, that could be $125 for the 5 or so days I'll be there. I guess there's a reason why I love the people of Canyon Crossfit, if you drop in, bring a case of water. Luckily I have options. The hotel gym or the 24hr fitness that's half a mile away. Planning is what I'll be doing. I will have to maintain my early morning wake schedule for this to happen since the conference will be all-day events.

And finally, the elephant in my head... FOOD!! Last night I fell asleep hungry because I wanted to watch "Amazing Eats", not the best idea. I'll be staying in union square and if you know that area, there's a plethora of foodie options. Luckily, I strategized. I'm a stone throws away from a Sprouts market. I'll grab some fruits, nuts, and jerky for snacking. When it's meal time... remind myself of triple-D, again, not Guy Fiery. NO SUGAR just some good protein and vegetables. I'll be the first to admit, it's not easy and last weekend I had three slices of pepperoni pizza. I felt bad, but like I said, I have the best wife in the world and she got us back on track during the week.

So now that it's out there... I just need to hold myself accountable. "Triple-D!, Triple-D!, Triple-D!"


Still haven't jumped on the whole paleo thing, but I found some really strong research dating as far back as the 1980s. Here are 3 good recent articles, look how important diet is to your health. If you already have problems, how can you help yourself? If you don't read the links below, here's what one author says: "The authors concluded that even short term consumption of a Paleolithic type diet improves blood pressure and glucose tolerance, decreases insulin secretion, increases insulin sensitivity, and improves lipid profiles without weight loss in healthy sedentary humans." .......nuff said!

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