CrossFit... that shi* cray!

Yes this sh*t cray! Crossfit that is, it's freaking insane and I'm getting older, so I gotta do something. How do I know? Because I haven't recovered from this damn shoulder injury. I can't be a whinny little bi***h and let it consume me but at the same time I can't be an idiot and make it worse. So what gives? Do something else to tickle my fancy and workout until I can't breathe. It's been about 7 weeks since I started crossfit. I've lost 9lbs and still look like the pale nerdy person that you may know, but who gives a rats arse. I feel pretty good, tired to say the least, and my older clothes are starting to fit me again. I get compliments here and there and sure it's flattering but I'm starting to realize those chiseled abs and muscle defining lines probably wont see the light of day, but who knows, maybe I'll find the next motivating piece. What's next on the agenda? continue my normal routine of spontaneity.