ven jou Sunday!

Today started off with some excitement, although I did wake up at 5:30am on a Sunday. My friends and I went to "Ride before the Pros" event in LA Live. It was a free event for cyclists to ride the actual 5-mile loop as many times as you want for 1.5 hours for the Amgen Tour of California. After riding, we hung around at the finish line to watch the pros finish 6 laps for the 8th and final stage. Sagan won the stage but Gesink was the overall winner. Here's the very quick final sprint at the finish line!

And then here we are giving our best impression.

We quickly booked it to beat the crowd and went to grab some lunch at Yardhouse. This was a mental battle for me because I love the beers they have, but I fought it and didn't have anything to drink. I kept the eye on the prize so I ordered the grilled mahi mahi with steamed veggies and grilled bok choy. I ended up eating the mango salsa but refrained from the creamy and green ones. That's another win for me!

Meal prep day once again for the week. On the menu.... Guy Fiery's chipotle mango bbq chicken (referral from my wife's friend). Oh My GOODNESS!!! This is some amazing chicken right here. The non-paleo ingredient was canola oil, so we substituted it with some olive oil. BOOM! Paleo and whole 30 approved. I know there's a lot of prep but it's all worth it. Since we were told it was a good recipe we made a double batch and we quickly found out it was barely enough for the two of us. Be aware that there is a little kick from the chipotle peppers but the sweetness from the mangos made a perfect match. So if anyone is looking for I mean GREAT recipe, click the link above. Oh ya we topped it off with some broccoli for some greens. YUM YUM YUM!

I wish everyone a good start to the week and stay tuned for what this week brings.