Congrats to my mom!

Congratulations to my mother-in-law on her retirement for 37 years in early childhood development. Our family was there to support and celebrate this extraordinary event. It was held at the LA Trade Tech college child development center and It was catered by the college culinary department.(We had a salad buffet so I was still on track) She has left a long lasting impression for LATTC and her legacy will be met by no one. Everyone from her first students of 1975 to her very very very best friend L-I-J (nini is her name to our family) was there to share her accolades throughout the years. I may have lost my mom not to long ago but this mom-in-law was the perfect woman to come in to my life when I needed a void filled. I couldn't be a prouder son-in-law. Now it's time for her to get some R&R and enjoy the grand kids. I love u grandma Carrillo!

So with all of today's events, it was obviously a well deserved rest day. Ally, Cailey, and I will be back to get after it tomorrow!