Go Cailey, it's your birthday...Partay!

Day 29 and what a great birthday party this turned out to be. We were able to enjoy good company and some amazing food. We had "Taco Queen" cater the party. This was some authentic Mexican grub. Was it paleo friendly? not quite, but I did my best. How was it cooked? On a flat top grill with some pure "manteca", that's pork fat for those that don't know. Not just your normal lard. We're talking about leftover grease after she already cooked her chicharones (pig intestines). Since animal fat was paleo approved, this was a win. I held off on the tortillas and threw all the meat over some mixed greens. Topped it off with some grilled onions, very spicy jalapenos, and some hot green and red salsa. This was just perfect, I didn't even miss the tortillas. It was so savory I had a second plate.

Dessert?! None for me. No cupcakes. No churros. No candy. Quite an accomplishment and everyone there was my witness. I barely had anytime to eat much anyway. As the father of the celebrant, I had to make sure to make my rounds to everyone. After the party ended some family came by the home to open gifts. Cailey is sure to have a good summer wardrobe and endless toys to play with. Thank you everyone.

Tomorrow ends my journey with the whole30, but the PNE continues. It'll start off a great workout, Murph. So today's rest day is sure to bring out tons of energy to get after it tomorrow. Good night everyone and have a healthy and safe Memorial Day.