सात बीस दिन Sāta bīsa dina

Day 27 and it was brilliant. It's Friday and Memorial day weekend begins. OH, it's also Cailey's 1st Birthday party this coming Sunday. It's going to be a great weekend to see family and friends.

Meals: omelette for breakfast. plain grilled chicken over lettuce for lunch and what you see above was the feast for dinner! Double turkey burger protein style with BACON!!!!


(Find your 3RM, look at our chart and see what correlates to your 1RM. 50% of your 1RM will be your suggested 20 reps)

My reps = 245# 3-rep max, 135# for 20 reps (I should of racked more weight but I used the table that suggested 135#)

Big props to Bruce at Canyon Crossfit for getting his first muscle up! Hell ya buddy! But I can't ignore one of my accomplishments. I nailed 2 unbroken muscle ups, yup that's right I did not let go of the rings. Thanks for the push PJ... you pigeon! BTW, I'm glad you ended your story with you kicking that boys ass.