This "Paleo" thing works....but I don't like that word.

Paleo or Paleolithic diet has exploded upon the CrossFit scene. It's all crossfitters talk about when it comes to diet and fitness. It works quite well for me and I'll keep saying it until something changes. I've had more energy, amazing fitness performance, and my goodness...satiety. OK yes I'm human and I'll want to have some pizza, especially if it's from Porky's, but I feel the majority of what I eat is making me feel...well normal. I don't have aches and pains, unless it's from a crazy workout, don't get food coma, and don't have mid afternoon lulls where I just wanna curl up and sleep. I do my absolute best to avoid grains, added sugar, legumes, processed food and dairy. I eat when I'm hungry and until I'm full. I don't have to count calories, I just read ingredients. I limit the amount of process foods(ie. boxed food) and eating at restaurants isn't as hard as I once believed although it is on the pricier end. I won't even get into the details, but the Paleo recipes we've made are very very very DELICIOUS. So when people ask me, "are you on a diet?" My answer should be "YES, but it's not just a diet to lose weight." I'm really trying to make it a part of me because again it flat out works. Sure there's restrictions. but that's for everything and if there wasn't, then you or I would be another stat of America's obese. I'd rather pay now for whole and natural food than get bankrupt on medical expenses because I didn't take care myself. Trust me, chemotherapy and medicine is far more expensive than the quality of food you can buy.

So here's 10 reasons why I agree with this style of eating.

So why don't I like that word Paleo? Because the smart marketers will take it and run away with something so clever to make dollars and deepen their pockets. Quite simply: Paleolithic = old ways vs. Neolithic = New ways. Paleo = caveman vs. Neo = modern man. Therefore I'm a modern man trying to hone in on old ways by eating whole natural foods. This diet should now be considered Whole & Natural eating. No need for latin words, just plain english. Get it? Got it? Done.

Meals: Breakfast omelet, the amazing salmon meal from last night, and a taco-flavored chicken salad for tonight. Throw some fruit and nuts in between. Also started on some new fish oil.

Got home and a special something was waiting for me. New kicks baby, just in time for today's workout.

WOD: nine-oh!

Complete 5 Sets
90 seconds of:
5 Split Jerks
90 second of:
Max Double Unders

My results = 155(5), 155(5), 165(5), 165(5), 175(5) and 335 total double unders

So here's some websites I like reading and pulling information, aside from the dry science-y stuff.

Whole9Life - where it all started

Fitbomb - Normal guy, living a normal life.

Nom Nom Paleo - Fitbomb's wife who cooks amazing food

Paleomg - makes good paleo treats

Robb Wolf - a paleo nerd I like reading. why? because my background relates to his.