Time evaluation

It's been 27 days, and today is leap day Feb 29th, since I last posted and I must say, my triple-D grading is average "C". I wasn't as discplined as I wanted. I was mostly dedicated to the workouts of the month but I was still determined, or at least that's what I perceived.

I started the month very motivated, but the moment I got off my schedule and onto my business trip schedule, that's where things fell off. I was on business for 5 days in nor cal and I only worked out for 1 of those days. Granted, I was walking around the city for everything so that helped. I tried to keep my diet on point, but I strayed away during the social gatherings. In the end, I didn't gain or lose weight but I definitely felt different, unaccomplished more so.

I took the remainder of the month in stride. I got back into the routine and with the best wife in the world, she got me back on with eating right. In order to really push myself, I decided to compete. It's an inter-box competition with 5 other gyms for the "everyday crossfitter" in March. We'll see how that goes, I'm getting really nervous and anxious. I just don't want to SUCK!

One last note, more pictures!!!! I need to take more pictures. I have a possible shoot for a MMA clothing company with my brother-in-law. I hope this leads to more photography gigs, that's the hope! Happy LEAP DAY y'all!