Cinco de Mayo (Day 7)

Got up this morning knowing it was gonna be a good day. I was able to sleep in, which is 7am for me, and still on a high from getting after "Fran" last night. Unfortunately my body can't fast that much longer so I had to eat breakfast and have some coffee. Breakfast or pre-wod meal was light, a banana with some almond butter.

I love weekend workouts at Canyon because nobody knows what the WOD will be and today, the wife is getting her first full crossfit workout. Got the to the box and BAM! Cardio blaster workout.

3 full rounds

Half tabata sets: 20 sec of work followed by 10 sec rest. (full tabata = 8 rounds, half = 4)

4 movements with 30 sec of rest between stations after the tabata sets are complete:

75# Push Press

24" Box jumps

Ring push ups

20# Wall Balls

I didn't count my total reps but I shot for 10 reps per movement in the first round but found myself decreasing 1-2 reps every round after. Total time for the workout was roughly 30 min and the core exercise was 3 min of planks, any which way you desired.

Post wod nutrition was cinco de mayo certified. Chorizo + Eggs + Avocado + peppers + onions. WINNING!

Now that our workout is complete for the week, we are scheduling to stock and load our fridge for the week. Paleomg and NomNomPaleo is our recipe finder for the week.