May the fourth be with you. (Day 6)

A little tidbit of why I chose the title of today's post. Believe it or not, I've never seen a Star Wars movie from beginning to end. Actually the only Star Wars movie I attempted to see was Episode II:Attack of the clones... and my wife (girlfriend at the time) and I literally fell asleep inside the theater, only to wake back up to see Yoda's fight scene... HAHA and I don't intend to watch one anytime soon either but I do understand it's impact on Star Wars fanatics so have fun on your day.

An update on yesterday, I did decide to take it off and rest. That gave me a good opportunity to take some pictures of where I train and the great people affiliated with the box. If you follow me here you might find yourself on my website, Andrew's, or Canyon's. Ahhhh Friday... winding down the end of the work week, thank goodness! I have to say this PNE has gone well for me, although I am human and I still get sweet cravings.

One of the great things about crossfit in general is it's rawness. Part of that will find it's way onto you, whether it's soreness, sense of accomplishment, or ripped skin of your palms. As of today, my hands are still torn up from Tuesdays workout and are healing well but I check online for today's WOD and BOOM, more pull ups. Frustrating I tell you but it's crossfit and I'm addicted, just like my coffee.


HOLY WOD-MOLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PR baby!!!!!

5:00pm class had a lot of members show up so Andrew decided to adjust todays WOD because there's not enough pull up bar space for 15+. So after the warmup we paired up to count for each other and who did I get as my partner? I call her, "The People's Champion", the first PNE winner, Lisa Aulick. As excited and happy I was for PR'ing by cutting my Fran time in half, I was more motivated and ecstatic for Lisa to complete her first WOD rx'd. This was also my first wod rx'd, maybe that's why. Now that was amazing, glad to have been a part of it.

WOD warmup: 6 min AMRAP

12 - burpees + 12 - 15# medicine ball slams

WOD: "Fran"

95# Thrusters

pull ups


My time: warmup = 4 + 13

FRAN = 7:37 (flew by the wod like a boeing jet, my previous time 14:16)