The fat and cholesterol debacle

I ended up sending an email to all my family members about this topic. The Mrs. and I always get asked about our diet. Why we eat this way? How do we like it? How do we feel? You eat what? etc. Many posts ago I wrote something about coconut oil and why it's beneficial. During labor day weekend our family went to a block party. My wife's friend had brought up the topic of coconut oil and said she couldn't get herself to buy it. I immediately thought it was because of the price. Yes, it can get pricey and if you get on a cooking binge like my wife, you can go through it in blink of an eye. The cost was not the case, she said it had too much saturated fat and there's no way she can eat that much fat. So I'll say it now and I'll keep saying it, eating fat does NOT make you fat. In this day and age of digital technology we should be consuming ourselves with boatloads of health and wellness information. It's up to you to make the right judgements. By the way, did you know how good tasting fat is when you add it to your meals? It's damn good, so try adding avocados.

So if you're still reading and you ask how in the world does eating fat not make you fat? Well for one, your own body can't even absorb all the fat you try to eat. You'll either be too full to finish or if you do finish your time in the bathroom would not be very pleasing. Your body will make more cholesterol from eating poorly than eating foods that are considered high in cholesterol. Without writing a novel you can read this  link below.

Eating loaves of bread, cups of rice, and plates of pasta can sure do the trick for increasing your body's triglycerides, cholesterol, and weight. Wait, I don't want to forget about sugar, but for conserving my own breathe and space, refined carbohydrates, like I just mentioned, are forms of sugar. How, you ask? Well if you're not going to read the book "It Starts With Food", then my quick response would be, "your body's systems, specifically digestive and endocrine, interact on overdrive when you eat this food (sugar and refined carbs) resulting in hoarding everything it can that you put in. In the end you get big, round, and lazy. "

I know we all listen to our doctors and believe everything we were told growing up, but realize doctors treat disease and diagnose problems they are not dietitians and/or nutritionist, that was not a main part of their education to get an MD. They are also human, can make mistakes and don't know everything, which means it's also up to us to educate ourselves.

If you're reading this and are doing the Whole Life Challenge or your from Canyon crossfit then you've already been informed about the benefits of fat. Spread the word, not the butter on the roll. Help educate the people around you.

For today's workout, our Canyon trainer gave us a great WOD.

Push for your Life


  • Hands release push ups
  • push press @ 95#

I ended up finishing with a respectable 13:04 but I should kick up my strength training to hang with the big boys at my gym.