douăzeci şi cinci zile

Day 25 on the whole 30 program and today my body is sore from the past two workouts. My shoulders definitely took a good beating. So I made me a hearty breakfast omelette as I normally do.

FRUIT!!!! I love fruit but I think I eat too much of it. I usually have more than a handful after lunch and dinner. On top of that, I snack on fruits like bananas and watermelon. After hopping onto the whole9 Forum, I realized my consumption may be a tad high. So I'll limit the smoothie intake during the week and skip some of the fruit snacking throughout the day. One thing I am doing well on is not substituting the fruit for my veggies. I eat a fair amount of vegetables but the body can always use more.

Dinner was pretty darn good or shall I say bomb! Wife made a surprise topper, mango+avocado salsa to go with the baked hake (pronounced 'heyk) fillets, lightly seasoned.

Canyon Crossfit Pictures are up from May 12, Heather's birthday wod.

WOD: What O2?...No O2

6 Rounds for time

Run 400 Meters
50 Double Unders unbroken
(3 Burpee penalty for every time you break up the double unders)

My Time = 21:28 (my Achilles are sore as heck and btw a new PR for unbroken DU's at 47!!! That deserves a new rope)

Penalties = 1 per round, 18 burpees total