Happy Father's Day

Shout out to all the Fathers out there! I'm thankful for my father, father-in-law, and being a father myself. I have the best daughter in the world. I received a priceless art piece from my one and only! Our gift to my dad was something special too, a canvas print of his two favorite granddaughters.


Today we celebrated with my side of the family and went bowling. We had so much family fun. My little girl had her first try at it and here's a great capture of me showing her the strikes, actually more like gutters.

Oh yes, so what did I eat today? I ate a lot of meat! To get it off my chest, I was not 100% compliant. I celebrated, as a father should and I don't regret it, but I had to open and honest. I had some beers, Fat Tire to be exact, a bite of some nacho fries, a piece of truffle chocolate, a bite of a churro and a bite of strawberry ice cream. All in all everything tasted as it should and the beer was refreshing on a hot so cal day. As dinner time came, it was back on track with some grilled chicken and broccoli. No harm, no foul! Happy Father's Day.