LT...Hall of Fame San Diego Charger - GO BOLTS!

I found out some great news yesterday. After a 2-year stint away from San Diego, my favorite football player, Ladainian Tomlinson will come back for a 1 day contract and retire as a San Diego Charger. If you can't tell, I love football and I love the Chargers! I named my dog Charger and I was once a season ticket holder. I even got my wife to like and watch football with me, that's when I knew she was the one for me!! (haha) The day after our wedding we celebrated by watching the opening game at Qualcomm Stadium. I've had so many great memories watching the Chargers and I always talked about LT, the greatest running back in this modern era. So hats off to my favorite player LT and what an amazing career he had.

This week will be particularly different. I'll be working out 5 days straight because I have the American Cancer Society's "Relay for Life" event this Saturday & Sunday. I have to be disciplined, dedicated, and determined to get it done this week and that's been my motto for a while now. My food intake has to be on point with the highest of quality and I have to make sure I listen to my body. So after a busy Father's day weekend, I'll be back to filling my head with knowledge from the ISWF book.

Today's WOD: FRAN!!! (Benchmark)


Thrusters (95#)


My Results = 5:23 (woohoo that's 2:15 off from my last time.....hell yaaaaaa!)