the home stretch...

Here's how 95% of my days start. Coconut oil, diced onions, diced peppers, and shredded chicken in an omelette. (Yes I know there's no pic of the eggs)

It's the day before last and the finish line is well within reach. Health-wise I've accomplished more than I ever thought possible. Fitness-wise, I've done a lot as well but today is a particularly challenging test, Overhead Squats (OHS)!! A top 3 nemesis of mine that includes wall balls and handstand pushups. I've gotten through the wall ball and HSPU rx'd workouts but today is the day I shoot for personal record OHS. They say if you can do your body weight then that's good, I don't think I can hit that today but I am shooting for 135 lbs. See results below.

Today's WOD: Overhead Squats

Work towards a 1 rep max


My Results = 155# (another PR baby!!!...95#-105-115-125-135-145(F)-145-155(F)-155)