Whoa...what a Sunday

Slept in and woke up at 7:15am this morning and I could barely move. My body was definitely sore as heck from yesterday's morning workout. I don't think I've ever lifted heavy in a long metcon workout. I'll say it again it was freakishly brutal, but for some reason I really liked it. Something must be wrong with me.

My wifey loves weekend breakfast since I make my everyday omelette for our family. This mornings omelette included some onions, pasilla peppers, spinach and some organic natural breakfast pork sausages. We included some ripe avocados and salsa for more the heck of it. Lunch was leftovers and for dinner we had some grilled chicken, like we do every Sunday, with some broccoli, avocado, and yams, roasted with a hint of coconut oil. YUM!

Earlier in the day we had a special photo shoot. I'll give a teaser shot. Hope everyone else's weekend was great.

NO WOD. But since I am participating in the burpee challenge, I did complete them this evening.