May Gray

It's the first of the month and I have a lot to look forward to although, I wake up, get going, and in southern california it's drizzling wet. This is not normal in our so cal daily lives, but maybe in Northwest, oh well SOS (Same Old Sh**) type of morning and still feeling good.

Lunch was a repeat of last nights dinner with the addition of some grilled peppered chicken. After lunch, I decided to invest in a weight belt because I do plan to get after it and get some PR's in the next 30 days, so Big 5 you get a few of my hard earned dollars.

As for dinner, I have to give it up to my wife. She's fully supporting me during this PNE. She made an amazing crockpot roast with some sweet potatoes and asparagus. I'm one lucky guy to have married her.

WOD: "rip city" This workout flat out sucked. In total we have 1 mile, 49 push jerks, and 105 pull ups, but I got it done. During the workout I feel like I'm pushing and then once I recover I tell myself I should've went harder. So next time I'll go harder.

Run 800m (buy-in)

7 rounds of

7 Push Jerks

15 Pull ups

Run 800m (buy out)

My time = 24:09

Below is the aftermath of getting after it! Hope there's no pull ups anytime soon.