De quatre jours

Day 4. I decided to use some coconnut oil. As you can see the oil is not solid like the way we bought it. My house is usually 7-8 degrees warmer than room temp. Why? Because it's not the biggest place, something is always on, and we have 3 people and a 1 solid english bulldog roaming around. Breakfast: different smell, different taste, but all around good.

It's 11:30am right before lunch. I listen to ESPN radio Max&Marcellus daily because I'm a sports junkie and I love football, especially the San Diego Chargers. Hence, my bulldogs name "charger", but I just heard and am very saddened to share that one of the greatest San Diego Chargers player, Junior Seau, has died in an apparent suicide reported by TMZ but stated on ESPN radio. This tragedy will hit the football community really hard. RIP Junior!

My dinner was immediately after my workout so it was the perfect post wod nutrition of grilled peppered chicken salad with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. It was so good I helped myself to a second serving and for dessert some mango and kiwi.

Workout: "VO2 whaaaaat"
30 double unders
50 24" box jumps
30 double unders
50 push ups
30 double unders
50 sit ups
30 double unders
50 mountain climbers (2 is 1)
30 double unders
50 air squats

My time = 13:29 and to top it off for core 20 Turkish get-ups (35# kettle bell) which sucked. It's always good to workout with trainers and other athletes better than you. AFI... I will one day be at your level! (or at least aim for it)