ein Dutzend Tage

Day 12. Here's a great video of some members working the Overhead Squat, good job guys!

I somewhat look forward to my Thursdays because it's my official rest day. I'm even happier because today's scheduled WOD is to run a 5k and I absolutely hate long distance running, especially if it's in circles. I guess my body and mind had never accepted this type of running because the sports I played didn't require it. Football, basketball, volleyball, and hockey utilized bursts of speed, so I'd rather sprint an amount equivalent to the distance. Sure I'd slow down and be tired as heck but I get to rest between sprints. But I realize I have to run soon enough, so I'll suck it up for the next time, but hey I don't mind cycling some 50 odd miles.

This nutrition experience is definitely a winning one. I know it's only been 12 days but the body and mind are reaping the benefits. I'm also not going to lie because I am human and I do have cravings of pizza, donuts, candy, etc... but I tell myself I'm ok without them and move on.

Meals: Today was leftovers day for all meals.