araw limang

I have to admit, one thing I won't give up is my coffee. So every night I program my automated brewer for my cup-of-joe in the morning to kick-start my day.I have 2 cups and don't drink anymore throughout the day.  It had started when I used to work in San Diego for a year and a half and commute from my home in Anaheim Hills, roughly 180 miles round trip. That got old really fast. I was never a morning person so I needed a stimulant to wake me up. I immediately gravitated to coffee. I was stubborn and drank it with cream and sugar and then I slowly changed it to coffeemate powder and splenda. After starting this PNE, I quickly switched to black only, overnight! That was quite a change and now I like it. So I'm glad I can still feed my addiction to coffee and take out the things that were much worse for me.  I've been drinking my coffee from the same mug for over 2 years. It's my "Livestrong" mug. It's somewhat meaningful to me because the word alone reminds me of how I should look at life. It also reminds me of my mother, who passed away from cancer 10 months ago. It drives me to stay healthy, show love and care for the world around me. Now it's on with my Thursday - rest day (maybe).

Lunch = leftover dinner from last night with some blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries.

Dinner = whatever leftovers we have from the week.


If I don't rest, here's the anticipated workout

Overhead Squat (find 1 rep max)


Run 800m (which I dislike)


P.S. Ally's second crossfit training session is today. Hopefully Ray challenges her again and she kicks some butt.